I bit my tongue last year. I read fans posts all year last year, I kept wanting to give Mike T slack. I wanted to think his decisions, game time management, half time adjustments, and DISCIPLINE were all just a fluke that came together in one poor season last year.

However, this is a new year and here is the fair criticism.

- Your most effective runner didn't play for anyone this sunday. I KNOW dwyer would of performed better than a guy who took 3-4 snaps the last 5 weeks. Plus, why did you waste that practice w/ a guy you were cutting? Obviously our runners needed more practice.
- Wheaton return? The pause, then run to what the 7 or 8 yd line?
- coaching the WR to get up screaming when touched! I've sat there for a decade watching all of Tommy Gaydy, Manning, and Rogers receivers jump up screaming at PHANTOM touches or bumps. Sanders was clearly touched and bumped on 2 deep balls- get up and call out those blown calls! Cause commotion so that NEXT time a ref thinks twice about pullin the flag out of the super glue in his pocket. WHAT THE HELL IS HOMEFIELD ADVANTAGE for!
- Using last timeout for 2 secs, when your passing and an incomplete pass stops time any ways? At that point better to use 2 minute automatic stop.
- Paulson can catch but can't block (no one could), then why use him all day w/ no passes thrown his way?
- sanders isn't known for separation but has the 2 long balls - I thought you drafted wheaton because he possessed that "extra gear" He should of ran those routes.
- Ben is either losing it or just not game time aware(still?), the taking of sacks at end of game w/ 3rd and whatever. You HAVE to risk it - anything but a sack. Or how many times w/ 3rd and something on opponents 25-30 and the sack takes them out of fg range. It just happens too much.

And in all this misery, there is a REAL silver lining, foote is gone, Gone, GONE. No more foote, someone will be FORCED to know defensive assignments and hopefully its not a slow 5'10" 220 lb linebacker. Now, I appreciate Foote's enthusiasm but he was a special teamer quality player- simple as that. Now, before people start bringing up stat after stat, alot of players could and have had good numbers behind the d front we have had over the past decade. But if you really waatch game after game, foote always gets the tackles 4-7 yds downfield. He is dragged and pulled by RB's and crossing WR's. There just simply isn't enough beef on him and he isn't super speedy to make up for it. Rarely does he "move" somebody back unless there is a pile w/ him. We need a speedy, muscle, sized ILB. Where are you levon Kirkland? Kidding aside, we got rid of the wrong LB, should of been Harrison replacing Foote. I said before last season, we should of moved harrison inside.

Note - wallace had one catch for 15 yds. At this rate 1/2 mil a catch