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Thread: Did anyone see what caused DD to chop block Pouncey?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyesq View Post
    The Ravens - Yanda in particular, use exactly this type of block. From what I recall, the guard can chop the NT even if he is engaged with the center, but the OT can't.

    I don't care for the blocks, either, but they are legal.
    I think the rule is you can cut the defender that is engaged with a blocker if you are the blocker adjacent to the blocker already engaging the defender. In this case, it was legal for DD to cut the NT (wish he had) and illegal for Gilbert to pull and cut the NT. I think that is the rule.

    I hate the cut block as well, but offensive and defensive linemen aren't lining the pockets of the NFL offices or the owners, so these blocks will continue to be allowed. The entity that the players should be mad at is the players union. They allow all this nonsense to happen and they got their @sses kicked by the NFL in the last collective bargaining agreement and then signed it for 10 years I think.

    The players only recourse now is to strike which turns the fans against the players more than the owners. The union screwed the pooch big time.


    The referee said that you hit Brian Sipe too hard. Did you hit him too hard?
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    Quote Originally Posted by thor75 View Post
    I guarantee it was not sabotage. DD looked devastated. He was guessing. plain and simple
    you shouldn't guess like that...


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