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Thread: Long Season

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    Quote Originally Posted by blitz71burgh71 View Post
    Playing with a lead and playing catch up is a totally different mindset.

    Catch up? They've been within one score until middle of the forth... Not a different mindset unless you are down multiple scores.

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    No pass protection, no running game, no te's = play conservative

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    And that was a home game.


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    Have to agree about the fumble... that and the Decastro fiasco.

    Also have to agree with the Steelers being boring football. Poor eexecution... long delays due to injuries... hard to watch.

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    I thought these players said they had pride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    I thought these players said they had pride.
    Pride, yes. Effort? Not so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomlintheclown View Post
    when we finally come to grips that tomlin is not a good coach? If we keep making excuses for this guy we will continue to have bad season after bad season. He is clearly the problem. Not pouncey, not haley. The only reason we are still in the game is because of lebeau.
    lvg ???????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steeler Mafia View Post
    With the injury to Pouncy and our ineffective offense, this is going to be a long season for the Steelers. Now that I have ordered Direct TV and the NFL Ticket, I will be able to see every painful and mind numbing snap. <Sigh> Please someone tell me we can turn this around.
    My advice? Cancel your subscription to NFL Ticket.
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