I find it hillarious how Collinsworth will get onto a point and then follow it through whether it holds up or not. Last night after Jacoby Jones went down he was harping on the Ravens lack of receivers. One play in the 2nd Q, Flacco drops back, fakes the handoff and bootlegs left. He has no pressure near him and spots a wide open receiver (TE) running across about 10-15 yards downfield. Flacco throws and misses the easy receiver, who dove to just come close to the errant throw. Collinsworth comes back with something like: You can really now see the lack of depth in the receiving corps for Baltimore...Really?? QB misses easy throw and the problem was their lack of receiving? Just suck it up and tell the audience that the new highest paid player in the NFL just absolutely missed the easiest throw that he will have all season.

Funny enough, on the next play it was 3rd and 12 and Flacco throws short to Clark in the flat. The defender, a DLineman (Ayers) goes for the glorious pick instead of letting the receiver catch the ball and then an easy tackle for about a three yard gain, which would have forced them to punt from deep in their own territory. And this was before the game was out of reach. Clark ended up going for 30+ yards. I don't know how neither announcer said anything like "What a horrible play by Ayers. You can't gamble and lose in that situation. He cost his team the ball in great field position by messing up his assignment and giving them a 30 yard gift."