The Steelers are supposed to go under 500, will be lucky to come in 3rd in the AFC North...and this is predicted by most. Maybe I'm just a homer. But, even last season with all the injuries we had a shot of making the playoffs up until the end. What I see is (at least on paper) an improved team.

1) DD is back, and the OL has young high round talent throughout. It should only get better, and I have seen glimpses of dominance in run blocking.

2) Ben is healthy.

3) If Bell can get on the field he should add a spark to the running game.

4) Troy is healthy

5) Jarvis Jones

6) Heyward starting to come into his own (per coaches)

7) Wheaton should soften the blow of losing Wallace

Sanders is healthy

9) Young defensive talent in Thomas, Golden, Jones, Allen, Heyward.

I don't know...I think even with Millers injury and the departure of Wallace...this team should be better...not worse.

11-5, playoffs and Steelers once again play best when being disrespected.