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We have talent but Haley's offense is geared to down & distance football. We will always see the high percentage TOP offense that slows down the game & speeds up the clock. TEs are highly important & productive in that offense so if Paulson, Palmer, & Johnson don't step up...We will see struggles. The Beachum at TE is just what it is...An emergency situation. Lining an OL up at TE in this offense is inviting a DC to send +1 to his side. The DCs will continue to do that until the Steelers show Beachum can make a play from TE and he can't. 3rd or 4th & short or goaline...It has merit but between the 20's it is just giving the D an advantage.
I think that Beachum at TE could be effective in limited doses. He gives you the option of running in a heavier formation or a bit of extra time to go deep if you get a favorable matchup on the outside.