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Thread: Attention North Florida Steeler Fans-Minn Game 9/29

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    Attention North Florida Steeler Fans-Minn Game 9/29

    We have been blessed with the final okey-dokey from Manager Elaine at Whitey’s Fish Camp for a reserved area for the Minnesota game, played in Wembley Stadium, London, September 29, 2013.…… [url][/url]

    The facility features a rather down home atmosphere and a variety of options for the day and it is accessible by water off the St. Johns River just south of Jacksonville, fl.
    Plus they have an RV area which we have been granted permission for a tailgate if we so desire. pm or e-mail me if you want to have a tailgate, it may be wise to pay for an RV spot just to be cautious.

    Consider this an open invitation to all Steeler fans, whether you live near here or not. This invitation will be posted at several venues in this area and I hope all the fans that plan to attend will invite their fellow Steeler fan friends as well. Whitey’s has reserved an area capable of seating 50 with two dedicated TV’s and there is plenty of room to expand.

    My wife and I hope to see y’all there to not only enjoy the game and to finally meet in person but to welcome “Bermuda (Kevin) Steel” and his family to the US and to the Jacksonville area in particular.

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    Due to the game not being televised in this area........we have to move to another sports bar a couple miles away...

    Chicago Pizza and Sports
    406 Old Hard Rd.
    Flemming Island, Fl 32003

    I guess the Indy/ Jax game has priority in this area.
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    ROOKIE ??


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