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I think everyone was excited to see him play. He was the main reason I was amped to watch the first game and then news came out he wasn't playing... then to play and get injured after 4 plays...smh.

Not sure if anyone noticed but I'm pretty sure Brown or Sanders stepped on his foot by accident after his second or third run. It was a freak accident but after hearing all the praise and all the hype and sending Mendenhall packing you can't really blame fans for being disappointed.
Disappointed is one thing. I'm disappointed he's not healthy just like most Steeler fans. However because he's not healthy right now he's being thrown under the bus and labeled as some sort of "bust" without even hitting the field. People already questioning his ability to carry the load and he hasn't even been given the damn opportunity. All of which stems from the impatient nature of this fan base because we expect a lot each season. We'll just have to wait and see for now. I only made a post in here because I was getting a little unnerved with all the doom and gloom chicken little bs.