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Thread: Steelers Cut Curtis Brown

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    Steelers Cut Curtis Brown

    Tomorrow's headlines today.

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    Molon labe

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    I agree. He sealed his fate. He was horrible last year and is getting worse.

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    please and thank you.

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    Any filmroom junkies see anything that we may be missing?
    Its like his third year and he always seems to be in the trailing position.

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    I remember when he first came on board, some of the resident "experts" were hailing him as the best CB on the team. If would have been great if he had been able to step up, but he just doesn't have it.

    Hasn't been a bad ST player, though.

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    He will make this team.

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    If it were only true?
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    I saw Crezdon Butler was cut by the Bills. I thought he had promise. I forget how we lost him, did someone take him off our practice squad? Anyway, I liked what I saw from him more than what I've seen from Curtis Brown.

    Really haven't seen anything from Hawthorne yet. Hopefully he can provide some depth for us this year. Hopefully everyone stays healthy and we dont need to test the depth.


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