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Thread: Encouraging news about Heath

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    Encouraging news about Heath


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    I'm encouraged..but please don't rush him back in!!!

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    Please don't rush back the only legit NFL TE we have and then break him. Give him until after the bye week.

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    These is the NFL...Not pee wee or HS Football. They will bring him back when the dr, Heath and rest of the staff say he is good.

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    Miller on activation: "It’s the next step"

    Teresa Varley

    Heath Miller was activated from the PUP (physically unable to perform) list on Saturday, but his road to recovery from a torn ACL at the end of the 2012 season continues.

    “It’s the next step in the process,” said Miller of being activated. “My mindset is not going to change. I want to keep improving each day and keep stacking those good days together. There are just a few more steps that I have to take and hopefully I can get there soon.”

    Miller hasn’t put any timetable on his return to the field, just taking it one step a time.

    “I still want to think short-term and that is day-by-day,” said Miller. “I want to keep getting better, and that’s what has brought me to this point and that is what it will take me to a good place soon.

    “I am feeling good. I’ve worked hard to get to this point. Hopefully I can take these last few steps.”

    Miller wouldn’t say if those last few steps would have him playing this week against the Titans, instead deferring to Coach Mike Tomlin for that. But he is pleased with how far he has come and is grateful the injury happened at the end of last season, limiting the time he has missed.

    “I feel like I haven’t missed as much as I could have if I had to sit and watch through a whole season,” said Miller. “I had to miss the preseason, which is never fun when you aren’t out there with your team. I know I am closer to the end than the beginning, and that’s a good thing.”

    * * *

    The Steelers took the field on Monday for their first practice of the regular season and rookie linebacker Jarvis Jones was among those working.

    Jones suffered an SC chest sprain in the team’s third preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs, missing the final week of the preseason.

    “I pretty much did everything today,” said Jones. “It was a great feeling to get back out there and practice with the guys, go through the routine and prepare for Sunday.

    “Today was a day we go through a lot of the early calls against other teams, get back into it. For me it was going out there and getting a feel for it. I was off for a week and I was finding out where I am.”

    Jones said he didn’t have any hesitation in practice, especially with the team not wearing full pads.

    “It was easier than having on pads,” said Jones. “I went with the flow, used my hands to see where I was at. The offensive line was punching and doing their thing. I went out there and had a good practice and just tried to finish.”

    He also said he noticed how things are picking up with the regular season underway.

    “You can see the refocus of the guys, the organization as far as the coaches and everybody,” said Jones. “They know it’s important we have a good game on Sunday so we are just trying to put ourselves in the best position to win.”


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    woww.. i'm so excited for it all to start.. GO STEELERS!!
    Black N' Gold Til' I'm Dead N' Cold...
    We don't have any cheerleaders but we do have a few of these \m/...


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