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Thread: NFL, Players reach $765M Concussion Deal

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    NFL, Players reach $765M Concussion Deal


    I hate that the NFL gave in to extortion. It sets a bad precedent.

    If you really look at these players you would find their bank accounts are far more damaged than their heads.

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    NFL owners know very well that their franchise values will increase dramatically now that they don't have the threat of this lawsuit hanging over their heads...

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    170K per man= peanuts
    1/28-Rashaan Evans=ILB-Alabama
    2/60-Jessie Bates-S-Wake Forrest
    3/92-Dorrance Armstrong-OLB-Kansas
    5/148-Bo Scarbrough-RB-Alabama
    5/165-Jack Cichy-ILB-Wisconsin
    7/220-Jeff Badet-WR-Oklahoma
    7/246-Steven Parker-S-Oklahoma

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelerkeylargo View Post
    170K per man= peanuts
    true.. but I wonder if they have a tier system depending on how many years you played.

    I don't mind this settlement. While football players know there is a risk of injury I think the culture back then was suck it up and play or lose your spot. I also think these older guys helped make the league what it is today and the NFL should have a better system in place for players after they retire.

    The real travesty is college ball... 85 to 95% don't get to play in the NFL and some of these guys are in real bad shape. I remember a story on a guy who worked on wall st and by the age of 30 he was confined to a bed and speaking with a forehead laser pointer.

    I know they get free tuition... well, most do but this is a violent sport and the NCAA is making billions off these kids. Not sure why a fund for injured players is frowned upon.

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    Actually for many 170k will be a lot if that is the number each get...Most players don't plan correctly for later...

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    have to chalk this one up as a win for fidel

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    The players should have taken them to court. The NFL got off too easy on this. It's a drop in the bucket. And team values will skyrocket from here. Well played Goodell. And F U for messing with the game.


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