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Thread: Good NEWS: Bell Out of Walking Boot

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    Good NEWS: Bell Out of Walking Boot

    Le’Veon Bell out of walking boot

    Posted by Josh Alper on August 28, 2013, 11:51 AM EDT
    After initial reports about the severity of Steelers running back
    [URL=""]Le’Veon Bell[/URL]’s sprained foot put his timeline for recovery at six to eight weeks, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin gave a more optimistic read on the situation.

    Tomlin said that Bell
    [URL=""]was able to do[/URL] physical activity “without discomfort” and said that he had not been told that Bell would definitely be out for any specific length of time. It may have just been a coach trying to stay positive, but there’s now another suggestion that Bell may be further along the road to recovery than it seemed at the time of the injury.

    Dale Lolley of the Washington Observer-Reporter reports that Bell has
    [URL=""]shed the walking boot[/URL] he had been wearing to protect his foot since suffering the injury. Lolley says there’s still no definitive timetable for his return, but it’s a positive sign for Bell that his foot is well enough structurally to lose the support offered by the boot so soon after getting hurt.

    Isaac Redman
    [/URL] and [URL=""]Jonathan Dwyer[/URL] are expected to handle the majority of reps while Bell is out. If things break right for the Steelers, that may not be a very long time.

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    Good to hear. What's next on his injury list? I'll put my money on his left ankle. A sprained left ankle to be exact. JK

    Hopefully, he can stay injury free the rest of the year!

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    GILBERT is getting ready to strike!!!
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    That's a good sign, lets hope he waits until he is 100% before he returns to the field this time. Hopefully he takes Ryan Clark's words to heart. I have a lot of hope Bell will satisfy all of our expectations this year and provide us with a more than respectable running game. Gets me fired up when we can sap the life from our opponents in the 4th to watch!
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