PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark said he’s “disgusted” with the NFL amid reports that it will now take a closer look at low-knee hits.

If the league's competition committee finds enough evidence this season that hits to the knees are "becoming a problem," it could take action, chief of football operations Ray Anderson told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

According to ESPN.com, the committee could make a recommendation to the owners next March to prohibit direct hits to the knees of defenseless players. The owners would then vote on such a change.

"I'm so disgusted with the NFL right now about those situations but if an offensive player makes enough stink about something they'll change it," said Clark. "If they decide to change this rule they might as well put flags [on players] because then you give a guy like myself, who's 200 pounds, a two-foot area to stop a guy who's 240, 250 running at full speed, and that's going to be kind of hard to do."

Anderson said the league will monitor plays during the season, study the data when the competition committee begins meeting after the season and see whether such hits to the knees are an "aberration or becoming a problem."