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Thread: Liking Our Chances

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    STs is a nightmare but I believe the OL (if healthy) will find it's rhythm this season. Remember it's a new blocking scheme, with new guys in new positions. The talent is there...just will take more time than many fans are willing to give.

    The Specials Teams aren't worth being concerned about until we have people playing that will actually be on the 53 man roster. Remember this is just a hodgepodge of guys most of whom will be unemployed in 3 weeks. I think STs will be OK if not great. IMO a dynamic guy like Dunn could really lift the entire unit.

    I agree about the OL. Work in progress! They will get better as the season goes on especially with run blocking but pass protection is worrisome because that is the same no matter what the new blocking scheme calls for.

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    you guys must be watching a different team than me.


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