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Thread: Does watching hard knocks make you miss Harrison more?

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    Does watching hard knocks make you miss Harrison more?

    Sorry if I'm a little behind on these episodes if anyone is keeping up but I just watched the last few on demand on the great HBO hard knocks series. As I watched the episode in which they introduced James Harrison, just his personality, work ethic , and humor made me wish he was a Steeler this year even more. I get that he isnt the DPOY he used to be but he still is a top tier LB in the league in my opinion and really fit the blue collar mode we have in Pittsburgh. I really would of liked to see him finish his career in Pittsburgh and not go to that town in Ohio. But as I watched the episode from him chatting about hitting AJ Green, the licking he put on a FB and his distain for the cameras, it just made me wish he was a Steeler a little more this season and the rest of his career. Was just wondering if anyone else had the same reaction when they saw him on Hard Knocks.

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    Not really.
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    I agree with Ovi

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    James' stubborn pride is why he's no longer here.

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    Yes... sorry but the guy is hilarious and scary at the same time. His workout routine and approach to the game is great.

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    I don't have to watch hard knocks to miss James, not seeing him in black and gold is enough for me to miss him.


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    'Hard Knocks' recap: Never arm wrestle James Harrison


    Never challenge [URL=""]James Harrison[/URL] to an arm-wrestling match.
    You wouldn't think this is something that needs to be said. But there was [URL=""]Cincinnati Bengals[/URL] rookie Jordan Campbell turning to the former NFL Defensive Player of the Year at a linebackers meeting and asking, "You want some too, James?"

    Hard truth: [URL=""]James Harrison[/URL] is not a man to be trifled with. And he'scertainly not a man you should challenge to a feat of strength that doubles as a test of masculinity.Especially if it's in front of "Hard Knocks" cameras.
    The result was obvious. I clocked Harrison crashing Campbell's hand to the table in 1.7 seconds.
    It's hard to make out exactly what Harrison screams after he is victorious. There seems to be an "I'm the g-- damn man now!" There's almost definitely a "You will learn to respect me!" Everyone in the room is laughing ... save for [URL=""]James Harrison[/URL]. This was serious business.

    Harrison stalked back to his solitary area in the meeting room, a character in [URL=""]"Over The Top"[/URL] come to life, his extreme alpha male status secure for another day.
    Never challenge [URL=""]James Harrison[/URL] to an arm wrestling match. But you already knew that.

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    We miss James Harrison the same way we miss Joey P, J Gildon, G Lloyd, K Greene, J Lambert, J Ham, ........ gone but not forgotten.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    We miss James Harrison the same way we miss Joey P, J Gildon, G Lloyd, K Greene, J Lambert, J Ham, ........ gone but not forgotten.
    In my mind, it's like he retired when he left Pittsburgh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    In my mind, it's like he retired when he left Pittsburgh.

    I just hope it's like he retired when he PLAYs Pittsburgh.


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