Sorry if I'm a little behind on these episodes if anyone is keeping up but I just watched the last few on demand on the great HBO hard knocks series. As I watched the episode in which they introduced James Harrison, just his personality, work ethic , and humor made me wish he was a Steeler this year even more. I get that he isnt the DPOY he used to be but he still is a top tier LB in the league in my opinion and really fit the blue collar mode we have in Pittsburgh. I really would of liked to see him finish his career in Pittsburgh and not go to that town in Ohio. But as I watched the episode from him chatting about hitting AJ Green, the licking he put on a FB and his distain for the cameras, it just made me wish he was a Steeler a little more this season and the rest of his career. Was just wondering if anyone else had the same reaction when they saw him on Hard Knocks.