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Thread: Danny Smith Countdown

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    In the other thread you claimed to not even be watching the game live, but watching the boxscore.

    Do tell me how you judged the special teams.

    Yes, it was a poor execution. And Yes. Special Teams were sub-par. I just think its funny you got riled up enough to start a thread about firing a coach without ever watching the tape.

    The blocked punt was a missed block, and the guy had blocked 2 punts already this preseason.

    The Kick return average was HUGELY because of the one big return. Some of the guys on that coverage squad will be looking for a new job soon.

    Most the other returns we got them well inside their own 20-25. (KC Chiefs have already had 5 KR for over 50 yards this season as well)

    It wasn't the most impressive showing I have ever seen, but nothing to the point of which I feel a coach needs to be fired in the preseason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Discipline of Steel View Post
    He sposedly does a lot of yelling and screaming whilst coaching up his players in practice.
    Got it thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dupree View Post
    In the other thread you claimed to not even be watching the game live, but watching the boxscore.

    Do tell me how you judged the special teams.
    You pose a fair question that deserves a fair response. First off, Im generally the last dude to grab a torch and pitchfork and join the lynch mob. You will see me advocating for common scapegoats like Gilbert and Gay in other threads. And you are correct in pointing out that my assessment of last nights game was based on everything the internet has to offer but game tape. What I learned was we got burned on two statistically rare (momentum changing) events, KR TD and blocked FG, plus their kick (39yd/kr) and punt return (14 yd/pr) averages were very high over 9 plays. My main point is that this is a recurring theme. Steeler special teams have appeared on the highlight reel for dubious, statistically rare, events in each of the three games played and last night was a tipping point for me. Blocked FG/punts, fumbled punts, and return TDs are huge momentum swings and we are now on the short end 0-4 through this preseason. Im suspicious that all the yelling is not getting through to the players and apparently Im not the only one. Coach Tomlin has got to be thinking about it as well. [URL][/URL]
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