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Oh Crash you missed the part in my last post where I said "where specifically have I lied about Ben?"
I just called him the greatest Steeler QB EVER.

LOL, seriously Crash? Some random game against the Bengals?
I dont doubt you at all but I dont know what game you are talking about.

You really accuse ME of being obsessed with the dude? Somebody needs a mirror.

Sounds like he threw short a lot. If I called it a good game we must have won.

Try this Crash, close your eyes and PRETEND IT WAS BEN. Then you'll understand.
If it was Ben? And they had that game plan for him? I would say they are wasting his talent.

Just like they are content on doing RIGHT NOW!

Just like 2009. YOU did blame Ben for missing the playoffs that season. The defense pissing away 4th quarter leads all year didn't matter.

Watch the games, pay attention, don't rely on box scores to form your opinion.

You'll be a lot better off.