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Didn't the Steelers draft a RB in the 2nd round?

Sign another RB in free agency?

Trade for yet another just last week?

I'm just saying they are still here. Guys who have put the ball on the ground, stacked up numerous penalties and mental mistakes are still fighting for PT. Not to point blame but that's a reality. And we wonder why the team has played undisciplined. Sometimes, you have to cut players loose just to make a point to the others. That message would read, keep your head in the game or you might not have a job.

Personally, I would cut anyone who struggled with fumbling, false starts, conditioning issues (multiple years), locker room garbage talk, public garbage talk, legal issues etc. It might mean losing 10 players or so, but it would send a loud message to the rest. That is the only way to get on top of these kinds of infectious mental mistakes.