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Join it all you want, but Tomlin is going no where and he would be unemployed for about 5 minutes because 25 other teams in the NFL would love to have Tomlin as head coach.

What we are seeing is the inevitable result of being on top for a decade and draft upon draft of choices at the bottom of each round. That has taken us out of contention for getting top notch Off Tackles which is our greatest need. Even this past draft we were more concerned with giving LeBeau another asset versus protecting our franchise QB. We didn't need Jones in Round 1 when Worilds was waiting to step in. We did need to continue to make the OL better and now we are paying for that.

BTW--The Patriots got manhandled by the Lions this past week. I doubt the New England fans are having hysterical rants about firing Belichek. Some perspective please.
I guarantee Tomlin is on the hot seat this year.