Okay fans so here we go. Game 3 of the preseason. The one game where you try and play most of your opening day starters most of the way. I won't harkin too much on this game but, it would be nice if our starting unit could at least drive the ball for at least ONE TD and another score in it's first 3 series. When you consider our opponent, is that really alot to ask for ? So, who is the one player you think that might shine tonight on offense & defense ? I will say my Offensive player will be... " Antonio Brown " I think Ben and the team need to get him going, get him ready for Tennessee. And he has been quiet in the first 2 preseason games.
And my one Defensive player who shines ...I will say " L. Timmons " but with a added shout out to both
" Jarvis Jones " & " Nick Williams " I think Jarvis will get the start tonight, and be our starter game 1. And even though Nick Williams may not get alot of early playing time, I think he WILL stand out once in there tonight. So anyways, those are my " Offensive & Defensive " players I predict to shine. Who are yours ?