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Thread: Monday Night Football Executive 2013

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    Week 7

    Iron Shiek 350
    Papillion 315
    Jooser 310
    MeetJoeGreene 300
    Lonbull -280
    Chadman - 265
    Ruthlessburgher - 255
    Flippy 250
    Starlifter - 250
    Steelgal 230
    ESPN - 225
    Ghost - 210
    NBC 200
    Passhappy - 175
    Fordfixer - 145
    Pfelix73 - 100

    Iron Shiek continues to remain at the top of the board as he enjoyed a very solid 50 point score with the Texans and Chiefs. However Papillion and MeetJoeGreene crept into striking distance with a weekly high score of 70 points in the Chicago v. Washington duel.

    Former Champions Flippy and Pfelix73 enjoyed drinks in the Goose Egg Lounge this past week --- but I can't give them too hard of time, seeing how I've never been to the Hall of Champions.....(I hear it's very nice though).

    We'll have these Week 8 scores finished by the end of the week so that we're all caught up entering Week 9.

    What an ugly start it was to Week 8 as there were NO bonus games to use!

    Good Luck next Week your leaders are in RED

    Week 8:

    Redskins v. Denver Passhappy, Fordfixer, SteelerofDeville, Jooser
    Giants v. Philly MJG, Lonbull, Starlifter, Steelgal, Papillion
    Falcons v. Cardinals Chadman
    Packers v. Vikings Ruthlessburgher, Iron Shiek, Flippy, NBC
    Pittsburgh v. Oakland Pfelix73
    Carolina v. Tampa Bay Ghost
    Seattle v. St. Louis - ESPN

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    Week 8

    Iron Shiek 370
    Jooser 345
    Papillion 330
    MeetJoeGreene 315
    Lonbull -295
    Chadman - 280
    Ruthlessburgher - 275
    Flippy 270
    Starlifter - 265
    ESPN - 255
    Steelgal 245
    NBC 220
    Ghost - 215
    Passhappy - 210
    Fordfixer - 180
    Pfelix73 - 125

    Not a high scoring week in Week 8 as the Weekly High Score proved to only be 35 points -- enjoyed by the following Execs - Passhappy, Fordfixer, SteelerofDeville, and Jooser. With the weeks best score Jooser climbs into second place, but will only be able to keep pace with "The Shiek" as they share the same Week 9 game.

    Looking ahead only two Execs (Flippy and yours Truly) along with the suits at ESPN have bonus points coming at kickoff -- for everyone else it's going to be another scrabble just to pick up points!

    Granted for Steelers fans it feels like it has been a very rough season -- but for MNF Exec. fans it just doesn't feel like there's that many "good" games out there to schedule!

    You know a season is ugly when former Champion Ghost is struggling and last year's best, Pfelix73, is in the cellar!

    Good Luck next Week your leaders are in RED

    Week 9:

    Chicago v. Green Bay (+15) Lonbull, Flippy, ESPN

    Indianapolis v Houston MJG, Ruthlessburgher, Pfelix73, Starlifter, Steelgal, Iron Shiek, SOD, Jooser, NBC
    Pittsburgh v. Patriots Passhappy, Ghost
    Vikings v Cowboys - Chadman
    Tampa Bay at Seattle Fordfixer
    Titans vs Rams Papillion

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    Fooey on you..... I'm gonna rally.......
    6- Time Super Bowl Champions......

    2012 MNF Executive Champion

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    Week 9

    Iron Shiek 415
    Jooser 390
    MeetJoeGreene 360
    Papillion 345
    Lonbull -325
    Ruthlessburgher - 320
    Starlifter - 310
    Flippy 300
    Chadman - 295
    Steelgal 290
    ESPN - 285
    Ghost - 275
    Passhappy - 270
    NBC 265
    Fordfixer - 210
    Pfelix73 - 170

    In Week 9 Former Champion Ghost and Passhappy enjoyed the weekly high score of 60 points with the Patriots v. Steelers game (debacle).

    The timing is about right for Ghost to begin making his yearly late charge at the top....we'll see if the First MNF Exec. to ever enter the Hall of Champions has enough this season to reclaim his glory!

    The top two leaders Jooser and Iron Shiek share the same game -- so those two remained locked in the same point difference -- most MNF Execs. have the Bengals v. Ravens game -- and if it turns out to be an exceptional game it possible MJG could sneak up the board enough to take the #2 spot....or with a LOT of luck take the lead?!?!

    Only Flippy and the suits at NBC have a bonus at record bonuses seem to be far and few between this season.

    Chadman sits alone on the Rams v. Colts game.....he maybe able to shake up the board a little if the game proves to be a good one.

    Good Luck next Week your leaders are in RED

    Week 10:

    Dallas v. New Orleans (+10) Flippy, NBC

    Bengals v. Ravens Passhappy, MJG, Fordfixer. Pfelix73, Lonbull, Starlifter, Papillion
    Rams v. Colts Chadman
    Seattle v. Atlanta Ruthlessburgher, Ghost, Steelgal, Iron Shiek, SOD, Jooser

    Miami v. Tampa Bay - ESPN

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    stupid rats, just knock the ball down!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Shiek View Post
    stupid rats, just knock the ball down!!!
    ..overtime.. baby.
    Cleveland spelled backwards is DNA Level C
    another AA/AS original.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeetJoeGreene View Post
    ..overtime.. baby.
    Love me some I have to hope that MJG rides a team until the wheels fall off and he performs below the line.


    The referee said that you hit Brian Sipe too hard. Did you hit him too hard?
    I hit him as hard as I could - Jack Lambert

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    Week 10

    Iron Shiek 415
    MeetJoeGreene 405
    Jooser 390
    Papillion 390
    Lonbull -370
    Starlifter - 355
    Ruthlessburgher - 320
    Passhappy - 320
    Flippy 315
    Chadman - 310
    ESPN - 310
    Steelgal 290
    NBC 280
    Ghost - 275
    Fordfixer - 255
    Pfelix73 - 215

    It was a very difficult week for Six Execs. including the two leaders (Iron Shiek and Jooser) who had nothing to show for their Seattle v. Atlanta choice! I've seen fewer bagels at a Jewish Deli.....But such is the cold heart of the NFL and this game as who would have believed Atlanta to only be 2-7 at this point in the season (I'm not even going to talk about the Steelers Record).....

    However Iron Shiek immediately comes back in Week 11 with a 30 point "kickoff" bonus as he is the only Exec who thought the first Denver v. K.C. game would be of any interest this year --- 12 Execs. will enjoy 25 bonus points with the 49er v. Saints game....and ESPN also picks up 25 with the Patriots v. Carolina game.

    We'll see if the Iron Shiek is able to put some distance between himself and the rest of the pack....or could this be the week that MeetJoeGreene takes the lead?!?!

    Good Luck next Week your leaders are in RED

    Week 11:

    Chiefs @ Broncos (+30) Iron Shiek

    San Francisco at New Orleans (+25) Fordfixer, Passhappy, MJG, Ruthlessburger, Pfelix73, Lonbull, Ghost, Chadman, Steelgal, SOD, Papillion, Jooser

    New England v. Carolina -(+25) ESPN

    Green Bay v. New York Flippy, NBC

    WASH @ PHL Starlifter

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    I don't think that I
    have ever been oh so close
    this late in the year
    Cleveland spelled backwards is DNA Level C
    another AA/AS original.

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    Garrett Hartley kicks the game winner as time expires,ya gotta love it, if you had the NO vs SF game that is.


    The referee said that you hit Brian Sipe too hard. Did you hit him too hard?
    I hit him as hard as I could - Jack Lambert


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