Week 7

Iron Shiek – 350
Papillion – 315
Jooser – 310
MeetJoeGreene – 300
Lonbull -280
Chadman - 265
Ruthlessburgher - 255
Flippy – 250
Starlifter - 250
Steelgal – 230
ESPN - 225
Ghost - 210
NBC – 200
Passhappy - 175
Fordfixer - 145
Pfelix73 - 100

Iron Shiek continues to remain at the top of the board as he enjoyed a very solid 50 point score with the Texans and Chiefs. However Papillion and MeetJoeGreene crept into striking distance with a weekly high score of 70 points in the Chicago v. Washington duel.

Former Champions Flippy and Pfelix73 enjoyed drinks in the Goose Egg Lounge this past week --- but I can't give them too hard of time, seeing how I've never been to the Hall of Champions.....(I hear it's very nice though).

We'll have these Week 8 scores finished by the end of the week so that we're all caught up entering Week 9.

What an ugly start it was to Week 8 as there were NO bonus games to use!

Good Luck next Week your leaders are in RED

Week 8:

Redskins v. Denver – Passhappy, Fordfixer, SteelerofDeville, Jooser
Giants v. Philly – MJG, Lonbull, Starlifter, Steelgal, Papillion
Falcons v. Cardinals – Chadman
Packers v. Vikings – Ruthlessburgher, Iron Shiek, Flippy, NBC
Pittsburgh v. Oakland – Pfelix73
Carolina v. Tampa Bay – Ghost
Seattle v. St. Louis - ESPN