Week 1

ESPN - 120
NBC - 80
MeetJoeGreene - 65
Flippy - 50
Chadman - 50
Ruthlessburgher - 50
Starlifter - 50
Iron Shiek - 50
Jooser - 40
Steelgal - 35
Passhappy - 20
Pfelix73 - 15
Ghost - 15
Papillion - 15
Fordfixer - 15
Lonbull -15

ESPN enjoyed the best single game score, picking up a sweet 100 in the Houston comeback victory over San Diego. The suits (aka NBC and ESPN) have never really been a factor in this game --- but seeing how ESPN is off to almost double the score of any Exec.....this could be a whole new challenge?!?! However please keep in mind.....ESPN and NBC start off with two games in the first week.

MeetJoeGreene was the only Exec. who was brave enough to pick Arizona v. Stl and while he didn't pick up any special bonus points, he did have the best choice among the rest of us, earning 65 and placing him atop of the other Execs.

The San Francisco v. Green Bay enjoyed the first rookie bonus of the season when Eddie Lacy became the first rookie running back to hit the endzone -- which helped Flippy, Chadman, Ruthlessburgher, Starlifter and Iron Shiek pick up a sturdy 50 point game and put them in Prime position to challenge for the lead.

I believe this is the first time in MNF Exec. that we didn't have anyone begin the season in the Goose Egg Lounge --- we'll see if all of the Execs can keep up the healthy scoring.

Looking ahead to Week 2 -- most Execs are grabbing a Latte with NBC and hoping for a huge NFC West showdown with Frisco v. Seattle.

Many others, along with the top of the food chain ESPN, are praying that the Steelers offense shows some signs of life and pulls out a victory in Cincy.

Meanwhile - Ghost, Jooser and Chadman all hope to score big and do it on their own with individual games --- already this year is off to a flying start, here's hoping for another great season of MNF Exec.!

Good Luck next Week your leader is in RED

Week 2:

Pittsburgh v. Cincinnati ESPN, Ruthlessburgher, Pfelix73, Steelgal, SteelerofDeville,

San Francisco v. Seattle Passhappy, MeetJoeGreene, Starlifter, Iron Shiek, Papillion, NBC

Denver v. Giants Fordfixer, Lonbull, Flippy

Lions v. Cardinals Chadman,

Washington v. Green Bay Ghost

Rams v. Falcons - Jooser