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None of us know the severity of the injury. But I'm telling you...There is no way you or anyone else can say he will be back in 2-4 weeks. I have seen foot injuries keep skill guys out 4-8 weeks. Depends on severity and how much pain a player could endure. He will have discomfort for a long time the following day. He will have to flex his foot to knock the pain out. I suffered a foot sprain. I missed 1 week but I was an OL. I had the thing wrapped tighter than 10 lbs of sausage in a 2lb bag. I had to endure the pain to play. It was 9 weeks until I could actually stand up after being off my feet for awhile and not limp for the first 10 steps. You put that on a RB...He will be a average RB making himself a target and the coaching staff won't let him on the field until he shows no effects.

Ahhh, YES we do know the severity. It was announced yesterday after TWO...TWO different Doctors, the absolute BEST in the world said Bell's injury is NOT Lisfranc related at all. It is NOT Torn in anyway, shape or form. And surgery is obviously not needed. And I guarantee you that Bell will be back practicing by week 2 of the regular season, and will be getting PT in game 3, or game 4 at the latest!!

Wanna bet ?...name your stakes!!