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Well technically he hasn't. But they already announced that they will before the start of the season. Which obviously means he will be healthy before game 6 cause if he is kept on the PUP when the season starts, he HAS to miss the first 6 games. So that is proof that Miller will be back before then. And Scheffler being on his final year is only MORE of a reason to trade for him, not a lesser one. The fact is, why pay 2 million when you can sign him outright after he is released for 1/5th that amount ???
Technically he hasn't...So Technically...You are wrong. Miller is still on PUP. When Miller comes off PUP it shall be...Not by reports. I know how the PUP works. They have a pretty good idea when he will be ready. Speaths injury could influence the decision. You keep forgetting the other side of the coin. If Scheffler doesn't like where he is going he may not want to talk extension. That is why many trades allow the player to talk extension before it goes through. So if Detroit is looking for say a 4th but Scheffler refuses to talk extension with the team interested...The compensation could go down. He has some power here if he doesn't like where he is going. No team is going to trade for him with a high pick because they have no tool to hold on to him after next season. Nobody is tagging him. Maybe that helps. 2 mil for a #1 or #2 TE...Salary isn't the issue. He has enough accrued seasons...He won't go through waivers. If he gets to the market...He can go where he wants and the price could go higher. Steelers won't get in a bidding war for a multi year that will be guaranteed.