Okay, we all know right now, we have a little bit of a situation at our TE position. Especially when it comes to having a proven pass catcher TE. Well reports are coming out of Detroit that TE "Tony Scheffler " might be cut from the Lions pretty soon. Now their Head Coach has said that Scheffler is a part of their offense this year. But unnamed sources say that the Lions will keep only 3 TE's, and that 7th round Blocking rookie
TE Michael Williams, and Undrafted rookie TE Joseph Fauria from UCLA, A guy by the way I wanted Pittsburgh to draft in the 7th round this past draft are the players likely to make the team. That leaves Scheffler on the outside looking in. And reports are split that in tonights Important 3rd preseason game tonight against New England that Scheffler will get alot of playing time, and plays to show case him to the rest of the league.
A Detroit Radio station said that the Lions have already reached out to Miami about Scheffler, and maybe Pittsburgh as well. But so far I can't find anything on the net to confirm that report fans. But my question is this, IF after tonights game, and after the first round of Cuts, IF Tony Scheffler is indeed released....would you want the Steelers to sign him ? Would his pass catching ability help us til Miller returns ?

What say you guys ?