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Thread: David Johnson: 'It feels great to be back in practice'

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    I think Will's the slightly better blocker and David's the slightly better receiver. However, Will's getting better this offseason and I think his upside as a blocker and pass catcher is better than David. I like em both and think they both deserve an NFL roster spot somewhere. Wonder if we could trade one of em?

    You got it completely backwards. Will is easily the better receiver, no one who knows anything even doubts this at all. David was only kept on the roster because of his blocking. It took David three years before he ever caught a pass. Will had more then David did last season on LESS opportunities.

    No way is David a better Receiver then Will.

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    When are the sheep going to stop ripping David Johnson. It is a good development. There's a lot worse than David Johnson in the NFL. Big tough blocker, great attitude. They needed DJ to get well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    You must not remember his blocking because it wasn't anything much.
    I don't know Oviedo I watched the Redskin's game over again and kept an eye on Paulson & he looked terrible.

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    David Johnson is awful. Why we continue to waste time with his pitter patter feet "blocking" is a mystery.

    Watch him closely. You'll actually see times where he pulls up, and AVOIDS making contact as the lead blocker.

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    D Johnson is making the team because of injuries, that's it. If Miller and Spaeth were healthy, there's no chance he makes it as a TE and Will Johnson has proven to be a much better, more athletic player. Coach Haley has gone on record that he thinks Will Johnson has the talent to be the best fullback in the entire NFL.

    Keep him for now, and cut him when some guys are ready to play.

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    D Johnson was serviceable at FB / H Back but W Johnson surpassed him and has a lot of upside. D Johnson didn't get much work inline and I'm sure that will be where he is worked most. I'll reserve judgment until I see him work there. "IF" they decide to carry 3 TEs beyond whatever they do with Miller & Spaeth D Johnson has to open up some ground. McCoy is looking better out there and there isn't a lot separating Overbay & Tuitupou besides some experience. I'm sure D Johnson isn't 100% back to form so he is in a battle IF they decide to keep 3 TEs that can take the field on the 53.
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    W Johnson > D Johnson...... and it isn't even close. Will is twice the receiver David is, and his blocking has improved greatly vs David's mediocrity.


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