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Thread: Ben was not allowed to audible in 2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by squidkid View Post
    they had an agenda with the rooney rule.
    im sure tomlin was told what his capacity would be when he took the job.
    the rooneys have allowed him to make a few decisions on his own to see how it worked out(oline, special teams amd wr coach hires) but the important ones(firing arians and hiring haley) was done by the owner.
    they are grooming him slowly to figure out what he is capable of doing and what he isnt.
    just a smart business move by the owner with some serious on the job training.
    Turning out to be not such a smart move, because the further they've gotten away from Cowher, the more undisciplined and sloppy they have become.

    It's usually a bad thing when owners meddle in football decisions such as the ones you mentioned. If they can't trust Tomlin, fire him and get someone who they can trust, and stay out of the new coach's way. Otherwise, they'll be going down similar paths that the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders have with their meddlesome owners.

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    Art II wants to be a 3rd generation Rooney in the HOF, so he has to meddle because most of the other owners see him for what he is: An unqualified sperm lotto winner who's only in football because of who his Daddy and Grand Daddy are.


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