Film Breakdown: Marcus Gilbert doing his job this preseason Pass Blocking Analysis

I keep hearing from people that Marcus Gilbert is slow footed and that is why he is continuously beat. Gilbert has had 40 pass blocking snaps and allowed four pressures which is definitely not up to par but it is what he has done between those pressures and how he was beat that have me encouraged.
Gilbert has fast enough feet to handle 90 percent of the pass rushers in the league. He showed that against Kerrigan, whose only pressure going against Gilbert was the sack. Other than that play Gilbert did a nice job of sliding out under control with Kerrigan. I would like to see him keep his hands inside more during his slide as he exposed his chest a few times and was driven back.
Why Gilbert was beat then?
It was a product of poor footwork and play awareness. He had too narrow of a pass set focusing on getting deep on two of his pressures This is likely because he didn't trust his foot speed. Gilbert needs to focus on keeping his backside pointing at the QB and this means having the awareness to widen his pass set one five and seven step drop and narrow his steps on one and three step drops.
Gilbert also begins to rise in his pass drops as the drive continues. When he plays low and keeps his hands inside he is hard to bull rush but when tired he will play higher and he still needs to keep his hands closer to his chest during his pass set.
Gilbert has made his mistakes this preseason and it has hurt his pass blocking but he looks improved as a pass blocker. His biggest strides have been in his bases width and his pad level. In his last two years Gilbert was playing with too narrow of a base and was knocked down and pushed back easily. This year he has consistently played with a wider base and better knee bend. Gilbert's flaws are "coachable" they aren't effort related or quickness related as some have alluded to. Gilbert should only improve as the season continues he has only one full season under his belt and is still only 25 years old. More importantly Gilbert looks like he is willing to improve and the lazy attempts of a block he showed last year at times have yet to show up on film. [URL][/URL]