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I know most of this is in jest but this is pretty ridiculous, IMO. People get hurt. It has nothing to do with them being "soft" or "weak." I hate the BS fake tough-guy mentality that some fans tend to have.

Does anyone honestly think that Le'veon Bell is soft? Because he got his knee smashed on a non-contact play in camp or his foot was sprained in a pile during a preseason game? Dude carried the ball like a million times in the Big 10 and didn't miss games. Didn't miss games in high school either. Oh and by the way, he still hasn't missed an NFL game either. Preseason games don't count.

Sure we'd all have loved to see the rookie RB get in and rush for 65 yards on 10 carries in his first preseason game, but he got hurt. I for one am not going to get bent out of shape about it. I'm hoping he can do whatever rehab is necessary, for as long as necessary and can come back and help this team's running game.

Something tells me that the first time Bell scores a TD or rips off a big run, you all will be cheering too.
of course we will cheer.. but you have to laugh at our situation to keep from crying.

When the report is Bell is tough, never misses a game and as soon as he touches ground in PA he gets injured it makes you wonder. Seems like we have a knack for picking guys who never "missed a game" while passing over injury prone players who come in and have an immediate impact.