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Thread: Anyone Wanna Discuss the Defense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikestops85 View Post
    I thought the defense (starters) played pretty well. It was nice to see McClendon chase a running back out of bounds at the line of scrimmage. When was the last time we saw Casey do that? You could also tell that our D linemen were playing more of an attacking defense. The problem with that is it creates a lot of seams for a running back to take advantage of. I think we saw that on some of the Redskins longer runs. One lineman penetrates and the back cuts it up right through the hole that lineman just opened up.

    I was really impressed with how well Jarvis held the edge on rushing plays. I thought that might be a big weakness but he didn't do bad at all. I absolutely loved the way Sharknado attacks the run. Damn, that guy can hit. I thought he broke the Redskin running back's arm on the play he caused a fumble.

    On the down side what was Ike doing standing flat footed when that receiver was running right by him? At least he was smart enough to grab him but it looked like he wasn't even ready for the play. As an aside did anybody see the stat they posted about us having the most interference calls against us that were greater than 20 yards? I think it was 20 or 22. I can't remember the exact number but that is horrible. Lake needs to do something about that.
    Ike bit on a good hesitation by the WR... it was a good "penalty" but I also think it's not fair to bash Gay for giving up the TD when Ike set it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    Shark seemed to play more slot corner against the Giants, and more traditional safety against the Skins. His ability to do both is what impressed the Steelers (see Carnell Lake talking about him covering USC's Robert Woods man-to-man all over the field last season for Syracuse; Former Syracuse head coach and current Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone thought enough of Woods that he selected him in the second round of the draft, by the way). When Cortez is back healthy, our starting secondary will obviously be Taylor-Allen-Polamalu-Clark. But in the nickel, instead of automatically inserting Gay into his usual slot corner spot, Thomas may be giving the coach's pause...if he's the nickel back, they can do a lot more with him out there than with Gay (everyone knows where Gay is going to line up, but they could theoretically line the Shark up anywhere). However, the only time that I wouldn't consider this is if we are playing a team with an elite TE like a healthy Gronkowski or a Jimmy Graham type. Cortez showed that he can face off against a healthy Gronk with success, so in a case like that, if they want to move Cortez inside in the nickel to handle an elite TE, then they'd want a nickel DB who can play outside corner like Gay over someone like Shark.
    I agree with you. But I also wouldn't be surprised if Shark could handle Gronk or Graham. I watched him a lot in coverage at camp and he would blow WRs up at the LOS. He presses WRs at the LOS significantly better than any of our corners. I suspect Shark would fight Gronk or Graham at the LOS to keep them from getting into their routes and sometimes that's enough to disrupt everything.

    But I like him even better at S because he can cover so much field. And he's 1 of 3 guys in camp that consistently looked like they're always thinking about playing the ball in the air. The other 2 are Golden and Victorian. Cortez should help us out in that department too.


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