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There is NO COMPARISON between what Brown got and what Wallace signed for.
The flaw in the thinking is people look at TOTAL numbers not per season amounts.
Browns contract is for 43 mil while Wallace is getting 60 mil. But the gap is far greater than it looks.

Brown has a 6-year deal, while Wallace has a 5 year deal.

Annually we are talking 12 mil versus 7 mil.

Wallace's annual salary of 12 mil is "ELITE" only Megatron and Fitz make more "annually".

Browns 7 mil deal annually is a very average new contract for a starting receiver. Far from a "boatload" by NFL receiver standards.
a extentsion for 7M up at that point of his career and his stats were a much greater risk. look at his stats up to that point. if wallace was offered something comparable to his numbers, he would jumped at the deal as well