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Thread: We better....?

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    We better....?

    We better utilize Big Ben and his passing or we will not go anywhere....
    Meaning we better prove the that we can pass the ball, to be able to run the ball!!!
    Not! the other way around.... passing successfully will give us room to run and better mix of play calling....

    We better be more discipline on committing penalties...
    Simple every penalty you commit your docked $1,000 a yard from your game salary...

    We better mix the play calling pass\rush and not be so pretictable...

    what else fellow Steeler fans?

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    I didn't see the game last night (PVR'd it though) and of all the things that bother me about the pre season, play calling does not. Every year we hear the term "vanilla" when it comes to our pre season. Sometimes that leads to a SB appearance, sometimes it results in 8-8, but it is the way they do things and have for years. Just because they run a draw on 3rd and 8 does not indicate that this is how they plan on operating. We don't have to agree with the tactic but the Steelers have enjoyed great success and some failure over the last ten years or so by playing this way in the pre season.


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