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Because the Patriots have never handcuffed Brady or asked him to wait until the fourth quarter to bail the team out. Meanwhile, Ben is asked to play game manager and not throw the ball more than 10 yards until the Steelers. Of course when they do let him loose, it's usually too late and he's easy to blame for fans like yourself.
Maybe not true in the preseason, but certainly true in the BA era. In BA's last season, Ben was allowed to make play changes at the line any time he wanted. How did that work out for him? I'll answer that for you, he was sacked 40 times, and total 21 TDs. But yeah, he got yards 4077 to be exact, woohoo.
Roethlisberger is at his best when playing from behind or playing under pressure. That's his game, that's why 3rd and longs don't bother me as much as others.