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Gradkowski WILL be our starter if Ben gets hurt throwing slow developing passes just to make an impression in a meaningless game.
Remember the purpose here. You are just warming up your guaranteed starters.

What does Ben throwing deep to Brown achieve?

Conversely, either Dwyer or Batch will not make this team. THEY are being evaluated with the first team. Still working out the bugs with the zone blocking. Combine that fact with a desire to keep Ben clean and the play calling makes perfect sense. Lots of runs and screens to RBs.

Agreed. The dumbest move we made was letting Max go. But we might think about that fact before calling for more deep passing in a meaningless preseason game.
Amazingly 30 other starting QB's throw downfield in these meaningless games, practicing their real offenses to hone their skills, without fearing injury. We, however are too fearful of our crap line to try to run our real offense out of fear our starting QB won't make it to opening game.