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Thread: coming to town...:)

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    coming to town...:)

    allright guys im coming to the opener,1st game in 10 years...stayin at the wyndom and was wanting some places to go to ,before and after the there anywhere to shop for steelers gear within walkin distance...I see theres a tilted gilt,jeromes place,and quaker steak and oil right near the stadium,is this correct? thanx guys 4 your help,and im coming to town to have a good time,,,so no need to tell me about any museums or anything like that.....would it be a problem walking after dark from station square back,,,ok im ramblin now,very excited though,,,thanx

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    since you're looking for a good time, here's a great video:

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    I will be in for opener too, usually hit up south side for Saturday night and tailgate at tilted kilt on game day... Feel free to reach out, will be coming in with a few friends.

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    south side,,,Station square?....dont know much about the

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    Used to hit up mcfaddens after the game. I guess it's a tilted kilt now. Bettis's always seemed too crowded.

    And after the AFCC game with the jets. Vendors right outside the parking lot were selling Terrible towels for $7.50. A lot cheaper then inside the stadium or any store


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