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Thread: Ben R. said to Merrill Hoge This Offseason: "this is the best ...."

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    If the 70s rules were in play, we would have signed Harrison for whatever he wanted. Heck there wouldn't be any QBs left in the league besides Ben. Although, I'm sure Ben would be dead from a hit by Ngata already.
    The same Ben that has only had one 16 game season under his belt? He can't stay healthy in today's NFL let alone the 70s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vader View Post
    The same Ben that has only had one 16 game season under his belt? He can't stay healthy in today's NFL let alone the 70s.
    Except Roethlisberger didn't miss any games to injuries in 2004, 2007, 2008 or 2010, and he suffered only minor injuries in 2005 and 2009. That leaves 2006, 2011 and 2012 as the only seasons in which he suffered severe injuries.
    Pittsburgh, PA: City of Champions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snatch98 View Post
    Tom Brady and his success is one part his own skill and two parts the system. It's dink and dunk, with the occasional shot down field. He also has an eternity in the pocket with one of the better offensive lines in the NFL. The Steelers offensive line is just coming together. Danny Amendola when healthy is a better receiver than anyone they had on their roster last season. Outside of Randy Moss he's the best they've had in a while. He's Wes Welker, with more size and better routes. It's also the damn preseason. As others have said you're welcome is quickly wearing out. Each and every post you make is someone veiled in a load of bull. We had one that seemed to of fell of the face of the earth just like you not long ago. It's funny that another one crops up now. I'm all for posting opinions that go against the grain BUT they better be based in some sort of reality. As of now you seem like you're posting from the moon. Give it a rest.

    EDIT: Why do you think Bellicheat always seems to plug and play players in to that offense without slowing down? Tom Brady is good but Bill B. is the reason that team is in the thick of things year in and year out. I don't like the guy but that's the truth.
    I agree.. but I think the Giants show how average the Pats OL is every time they play. If you get after the QB and cover the flats he is SOL.

    Part of the reason the OL looks so good is because teams are scared to go after Brady because they do a great job creating mismatches with the TE or RB. Bring 5 or 6 guys and watch Brady look pedestrian. This isn't a knock on him... each QB has a weakness. Ben is better under pressure and after contact. Manning and Brady are better when they are clean.

    Ben doesn't need to be Brady but I would like our O as a whole to look like they know what the hell they are doing. A lot of our plays look gross compared to other teams when I watch 1st teams playing preseason ball.

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    When I was watching the 1st pre-season game it had a feel to it that seemed they were using a very tiny portion of the playbook. As if they didn't want to give any secrets away before the real games started. Maybe it was just me. I'm not concerned with these games all that much but a nice sustained drive with a mixture of runs, passes, and Ben not getting sacked sure would feel nice. Year 2 with the new O - lets take it out of the parking lot and see what it does on the highway!


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