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Sanders had more yards last season then the previous season. But he was not CLOSE to the production of Wallace. Answer me this, with his 626 yards and 44 catches...how many TD's did Sanders have ?................Yeah, I thought so. Once close to the goalline, both Sanders and Brown are both hindered by their lack of size. Wallace was not. And trust me, we might just end up missing the Double-Digit TD's that Wallace gave us. And whether Sanders has a 1,000 plus yard season, it still won't matter cause Pittsburgh will just let him walk outright. And we will get nothing for him except MAYBE a 4th round pick in 2016.
In 2012 Wallace had 13 rec and 5 TDs inside opponents 20. Sanders had 4 rec and 2 TDs. If given the opportunity, I think Sanders can be a big part of the red zone offense.