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Thread: Wexell: OLB Jarvis Jones Making Steady Progress

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    Quote Originally Posted by BURGH86STEEL View Post
    I suppose you don't understand what Butler is attempting to teach Jones.
    He described it pretty clearly:

    "He has to get down and what we call walk the dog -- collapse the pocket, taking the big, freaking, 350-pound guy, getting right in his face and walking him back to the quarterback."

    We saw JH do that week in and week out.
    I contend that Jarvis will rush the passer effectively, but not using THAT method.
    If we are counting on him to simply push tackles back to work his way to the QB, collapsing the pocket he aint that guy.
    Again he is NOT describing a powerful shot that might throw a big man off balance, allowing you to get around him.

    He is describing pushing him back, back, back, to the QB, a feat requiring superior strength, especially when your opponent is heavier.
    Any tackle that can be pushed back like that by an average sized LBer who is not freakishly powerful like JH, would get whooped by every 4/3 defensive end in the league and could not play at this level.

    Hows about you bump this post the first time Jarvis does what coach described to a tackle. It will not happen.
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