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Listen, no one here likes Gilbert. But, keep the racist stereotypes out of here. No one needs any of that.

I'm not being racist. In the draft when he came out it was reported that Gilbert had a past Gang related file, and was in trouble several times at Florida..( No Big surprise there ) It was also reported, I will try to find a link for you, that in High School he was busted for using and selling a popular drug mixture called The Purple Drank, or " Lean " This is a KNOWN drink of Gang Bangers throughout the Country. Look it up if you don't believe me. Now, it also was reported that in Gilbert's final year at Florida that he had supposedly cleaned up his act, and he did have by far his best season that final year. But at the time, I maintained that his overall Line grade was more due to the players he played with, then his own play.

But bottom line, he is just not a hard worker. He slothes around too much of the time. He doesn't need a talking to, or a motivation speech. He needs his Big Ole Butt kicked off this team. And is he is not, then for the first time EVER...I ahve to call into question Mike Tomlin's Character, and how he gives special treatment to BAD players on this team who just so happen to be...." Hommies "

And that is a valid point to sir.