I heard some names come up who have surprised people and thought I would share...

Guy Whimper...yeah I know but I have been hearing he has looked strong, somedays even putting on a show. There must have been something there for the Steelers to be interested.

Will Johnson...heard the term uncoverable. The linebackers can't cover the guy, the DBs have a hard time tackling him. This guy will play a critical role in this offense.

Paulson...another guy that the linebackers struggle to cover...catching everything.

Al Woods...heard his name long before the preseason game. Technically the guy is as sound as they come...strong as an ox...terrific hand and foot work. He is making waves in camp.

All the young ILBs...all playing well. Rolle has really stepped up as a speed guy who is always around the ball (Go Bucks)

McClendon-Beast...We are good at NT.

DD-while no one is surprised the guy is a mobile wrecking crew. Heard he is an All Pro waiting to happen. Big camp.

Thomas-bugging the crap out of Troy and Ryan asking so many questions. The guy is hungry, wants to be great, wants to blow people up and play great ball. Coaches are impressed.

Wheaton...the next great Steeler WR.

Bell...having a huge camp. He has made it clear there is no battle for starter. If he stays healthy...big big things.

Overall, I'm happy with what I am hearing out of camp.