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Thread: Solution for the 4th round pick

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    Quote Originally Posted by williar View Post
    Redskins DB Phillip Thomas possibly headed to IR with a foot injury he acquired in their first preseason game, for those of you who keep throwing his name out there. I was on board with the LJ pick at first glance. I too thought it was time to start grooming another QB. After what I seen and heard from the LJ camp, not so much. I guess I'm just inpatient. I want to see a little something, now! This team is in desperate need of some talent infusion in some areas.
    It's been one game... not sure what people expected. It's not like we need the kid to start in week 1. That being said... right before the first snap I said "this guy probably hasn't been under center since HS" then boom... fumble. LOL

    I'm asking for people to pick a guy because I think people are using the LJ pick to fix every other position on the team. We could only pick one guy so we can't bash the 4th rounder after every sack, blown coverage, punt block or kick off return.

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    I liked Phillip Thomas. I understand that he is headed towards IR, so maybe there was a medical issue. I also liked Franklin - I thought that adding two young runners to the offense with different styles would have been a nice injection of talent. Other guys I liked at the time included Quessenberry and Rambo.

    I did agree with the need to groom a QB. I would have grabbed Dysert, the kid from Tulane, or even Tyler Bray. I would have passed on Justin Brown.

    My concern with Jones was the scouting reports saying that he did not do well under pressure. As a backup QB, you are going to face pressure. I think that it made sense to groom a young backup QB as a guy who could spot start down the road and, best case scenario, get flipped in a trade. I has never a big fan of Landry Jones as that guy. I certainly hope he proves me wrong and we look back at these discussions the same way we did the "Bustamalu" threads from years past.

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    I also liked Phillip Thomas for that pick. The QB I was hoping for was Matt McGloin from Penn State. I didn't figure we would draft him but sign him as a free agent. He also looked pretty good for the Raiders the other night. Much better than the 4th rounder they chose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SidSmythe View Post
    The next question is: if you picked a different position with that 4th round pick, what QB would you have taken after the 4th round pick and what player would you have given up w/ that pick??? I would have taken Jesse Williams (DT) Alabama & took Zac Dysert in the 7th round (hoping Nick Williams went Undrafted)
    With our current NT's playing as well as they are...why Jesse Williams? How would that help this squad?

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    I'll go on record saying I would keep the pick and roll the dice that we may have hit gold in the 4th.

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    We'll probably keep Landry because he was a 4th rounder. But he doesn't look that good. Ben and Bruce look great.

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    I would have picked Philip Thomas (and been clearly annoyed when he got hurt) and then maybe the Miami of Ohio kid (Dysert?) later on in the draft on draft day. But it's always interesting to look back and see who you didn't pick.
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    I also would have taken Phillip Thomas. I wasnt totally against the Landry Jones pick. I just thought we needed as much help and depth out of this draft as we could get. A 3rd string QB could have been had in the later rounds. From everything I have read, and seen, the pick seems that much worse. This has Dennis Dixon and Brian St Piere written all over it. We take a developmental QB way to high and he never develops. Meanwhile, even if he were to develop this pick wouldnt help you for quite some time. To be honest all the other guys mentioned would have been better picks, as any of them could have developed and provided much needed depth. How great would it have been to have another OL, DB, or TE prospect in camp at this point?

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    Here is what I would have done on draft day:

    1. LB Jarvis Jones
    2. WR Keenan Allen
    3. FS Phillip Thomas
    4. RB Jonathan Franklin
    4. RB Marcus Lattimore
    5. OL David Quessenberry
    6. CB Jordan Poyer
    6. TE Michael Williams
    7. QB Zac Dysert

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    I'll go on record saying I would keep the pick and roll the dice that we may have hit gold in the 4th.

    I'm with you on this. I'll wait until this time next year before I start thinking about throwing L. Jones overboard. He wasn't drafted to contribute for another two years so I think the FO got this right.


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