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Redskins DB Phillip Thomas possibly headed to IR with a foot injury he acquired in their first preseason game, for those of you who keep throwing his name out there. I was on board with the LJ pick at first glance. I too thought it was time to start grooming another QB. After what I seen and heard from the LJ camp, not so much. I guess I'm just inpatient. I want to see a little something, now! This team is in desperate need of some talent infusion in some areas.
It's been one game... not sure what people expected. It's not like we need the kid to start in week 1. That being said... right before the first snap I said "this guy probably hasn't been under center since HS" then boom... fumble. LOL

I'm asking for people to pick a guy because I think people are using the LJ pick to fix every other position on the team. We could only pick one guy so we can't bash the 4th rounder after every sack, blown coverage, punt block or kick off return.