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Thread: Hello to my Black and Gold Brothers (and Sisters)!!!!!!!!

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    Hello to my Black and Gold Brothers (and Sisters)!!!!!!!!

    Hello Yinzers!!!!!!!!

    I'm Old...and I've been watching Stiller Football since '74. I'm kinda new to this whole computer thing....but I'm stuck out here on the Left Coast (California) and finally figured out that Steeler Nation is ONLINE AND WORLDWIDE.

    My tired old fingers are getting tired now... but I just wanna say "Hello" and "Here We go, Steelers!!!!!!". As my arthritis allows, I'm gonna post a comments now and then about the state of affairs with Our Team. I hope I can get some feedback from fellow fans and we can chat about how great the TEAM is doing this year!!!!!!!

    I'll close with this comment.......Brown

    It's the same color as.........


    You know


    "If I could start my life all over again, I would be a professional football player, and you damn well better believe I would be a Pittsburgh Steeler."
    -- Jack Lambert --

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    Welcome. The '70s were great years to be a Steeler fan

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    Hello sir. I too am an Oldie. I go back to watching them before we selected Bradshaw, even though I was young then. I have lived through some great times, and some very bad times. But will always remain Loyal "Black & Gold " Baby!!

    Welcome aboard sir.

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    didnt you try this last year?


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