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    A Few PostGame Thoughts

    As expected, Jones flashed a few times with his athleticism, grabbing a loose ball in the backfield, making an amazing tackle on a RB that was heading for a huge gain. But that was tempered with frequently taking wrong angles, getting swallowed up by the OL. It was interesting to note that even as a rookie he was double-teamed a number of times. Overall, not a bad showing for his first time out, though he does need to get stronger. Worilds will work himself out of a starting spot if he has another night like last night. Two personal fouls in a matter of a few minutes, costing big field position. Maybe he was just trying a little too hard to show something. A couple of other 2nd team LBs also showed some promise. McFadden, Williams, Rolle in particular showed great speed in getting to the ball.

    RBs: LSH was outstanding between the tackles, especially going to the right with that wrecking crew OL in front of him. Stephens Howling has excellent vision in finding holes and he is so small defenders can lose sight of him. Based on one game, I think he sticks. Dwyer was Dwyer once again, made a few nice runs but dropped two passes, and danced on a few runs, resulting in tackles for no gain. Redman only had a couple of carries that I saw, and he seemed much more trimmed down and ran with decision.

    WR: Wheaton had a couple of really nice grabs, one being very tough in traffic. He will be starting sooner rather than later for the Steelers. Brown did everything he could to show he belongs on the team and he looked good doing it. Dunn only had only a few opportunities for a return, got blasted on one, showed his amazing speed getting to the corner on another. He will get his chances.

    Al Woods doesn't belong with 3rd teamers, guy just made play after play and was a man among boys.

    Gradkowski looks to be a good pickup as backup QB. He has good vision in the pocket, and moves around very well for a QB his size. He seemed comfortable in the offense and completed a number of good throws. Landry on the otherhand, looks to need a lot more time with the clipboard. If he has to play for any stretch this season, the Steelers will be in trouble. Parker-Wilson did a nice job with his opportunity.

    Other Stuff: Golden is looking good and seems much stronger, making a few good tackles. Secondary had their chances once again to take the ball away but couldn't do it. Is this some Steeler curse?
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