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I happen to agree with this. How do you measure a player by the plays that are not made by the opponent because of the player? This is the Ike dilemma. My guess is there were plenty of plays that didn't happen on Ike's side of the field because of his coverage. The proof is that Keenan Lewis had the second most passes defensed last season, meaning they were throwing away from Ike's side.

I wouldn't sign him to a long term, but extending by a couple years would be fine.
Taylor allowed only six receptions over his final seven games before he got hurt.
In 2011 he allowed 28 yards a game during the regular season (yes he got smoked versus Tebow in the playoff)
This despite routinely was being assigned the top receiver no matter where he goes.

Ironically the only time Ike has bad games is when the run game is better than the pass game. This is because he is too quick to play run when he has no respect for a QB.

Taylor IS in his thirties but he is STILL faster and better than Lewis.