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the "value"of drafting a 3rd string QB? In the 4th round? Are you serious with this sh!t?

I don't hate the player at all. I hate the pick and the position.

can you get it through your thick skull that this is the backup to the backup QB?

look at the depth at FS, OG, OT, TE, CB and MLB.
If you think you're getting good value with Jones, then you cannot look at it as spending a 4th round pick on a 3rd string QB. You look at it as a guy who is going to be Ben's primary back-up sooner than later. Who cares that Gradkowski signed a 3-year contract? He's gritty, gutsy, and a guy I'd like to have on our team, but there is a reason he's bounced around the league like he's made of flubber. This is a critical position and given Ben's injury history, we need to make sure we have a guy who can step in and lead this team to victories.
Unfortunately, everything I've seen or read about Jones backs up SKL's initial assessment of him in this thread...he crumbles under pressure. Unless he can prove that assessment wrong, it is indeed a waste of a pick (gotta love that hindsight).
At this stage, I'm pretty much taking the opposite view and hating on the player; not the pick or position.