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Thread: What are you going to be looking for Saturday

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    What are you going to be looking for Saturday

    Well, the TC is ending. Finally, a chance to see all the draft picks in action.

    There has not been a lot of video coverage of the camp. So a lot of the players will really be getting their first look by many of us casual fans.

    Up until about 20 minutes ago when I read flippy's fine camp report I had never heard of JPW. I had to look him up. Unbelievable, up to now I don't think I have given the QB position a second of thought. But now, it occurs to me that who the heck are these guys? There has been very little video coverage of the camp. So, unless you attended the practices you would have seen very very little of any of the backup QB's. I was never to thrilled with that Gradkowski move so at least now there will be a chance to see what is there behind BR.

    But before I was reminded that teams do actually have QB's I was really anxious to see what the ILB's look like. Besides the draft pick Vince Williams, at least 4 or 5 hopefuls have been getting good reviews. Maybe there is another James Farrior in that bunch.

    Besides all the obvious ones, that is a group I am going to wqtch out for.

    What are some of players or groups that you all are going to pay special attention to?

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    I hope for much success out of the OL and RBs. But thats just me, an old school Steeler fan
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    1. Offensive line, especially in pass protection.
    2. Outside pass rush from Worilds and Jones.
    3. Bell and Dwyer running
    4. Return game, specifically who is out there and how they do. Hoping Dunn stars!

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    I want to see how our third team secondary plays, those guys are getting a ton of the practice reps. Also want to see how the O-Line looks against the Giants front four.
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    I'm most excited to see Bell. In a lot of ways, I think he is a big key to the season. Also interested in seeing the new offensive line and a few stretch plays.

    On defense, interested to see Jones and some of the backup lineman, including Ta'amu, Fangupo and Heyward. Would also like to see if some of the backup LBers who have been getting good camp reviews.


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