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Thread: Pittsburgh Steelers Change Defensive Philosophy

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    I have. The reason they aren't getting turnovers and pressuring QBs is because they're "tackling the catch" and just hoping that eventually the other team will make a mistake.
    How did Ike allow 6 catches over the course of 7 games against the best receivers if he only "tackles the catch"?
    How did Lewis lead the conference in passes defensed (by a good margin) if his job was to "tackle the catch?


    Lewis and Ike defensed 37 passes with ONE pick between them.

    NO CORNER TANDEM IN THE LEAGUE defensed more passes than our corners AND IKE MISSED GAMES.

    I know not every defensed pass is an easy pick but DANG THIRTY SEVEN is ridiculous.

    Really people we had the tightest coverage I have seen in YEARS.

    You guys are regurgitating stuff from years past, it simple was NOT the case last season

    The problem is not soft coverage. It is corners who cannot catch.

    Cortez has FIVE turnovers in THREE starts. It aint the system stopping our corners from turning the ball over.
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